2017-03-30  America - United States of America

Second Degree Reiki Class Seattle, Washington

From: 2017-03-30 To: 2017-04-01
Open To: First Degree  Language: English
Created By: Collene J. Delaney, PhD

Location: In Wallingford area of Seattle. Full address and directions will be given upon registration, Washington, United States of America, America

Second Degree Reiki is offered to students who have taken First Degree Reiki, have had several months to one or more years of committed practice, and feel drawn to take this next step with Reiki. 

The Second Degree class is usually taught in three, 3-hour sessions. In the first session three symbols are introduced and taught.  A period of a few days is given for the student to commit this teaching to memory.  One initiation is shared with each student. The use of the three symbols is taught, and again, there is ample time to practice in class. Question/Answer and Sharing time is provided as well as discussion of ways for students to incorporate the use of Second Degree Reiki in their own lives.

This class is taught by Collene who has practiced Reiki for 34 years and has taught Reiki since 1987.

Fee is $500   Deposit is $150       Audit Fee:  $150

Collene J. Delaney, Ph.D.
Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho
Emeritus Associate Professor,, University of Washington School of Medicine

Web: www.ReikiNW.com/Delaney


Please contact Collene for further information and to register. Cjdel61@yahoo.com (206) 633-4306

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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