2018-07-20  America - United States of America

Second Degree Retreat, Olympia

From: 2018-07-20 To: 2018-07-22
Open To: Second Degree  Language: English
Created By: Penny Devine

Location: Edgewater Beach Retreat Olympia, Washington, Washington, United States of America, America

This Second Degree retreat is for those who find themselves drawn to go deeper into their Reiki practice.  Usui Shiki Ryoho practice required.


Second Degree students may audit, Penny's students donate $60 plus food, $100 deposits for new students are due by July 4.  Students of other lineages need to privately contact Penny before July  4, 2018.


            Class Syllabus:

            ·        Review First Degree

            ·        Sharing experiences/discoveries in our practices

            ·        Reviewing Precepts, Aspects and Elements

            ·        Journaling for what Reiki really is to you and how you represent it to others

                     o   Reiki Lives

                     o   Living IN Reiki

                     o   Living WITH Reiki

                     o   BEING Reiki

            ·        Exchanging Reiki, hands on and hands off

            ·        Considering Tradition Keepers and Succession


Second Degree fee is $500 for first time students, full payment due at registration on July 20, 2018. Registration occurs at Devine Reiki Growth Center

Penny Devine, Devine Reiki Growth Center
2002 Capitol Way South, Olympia, WA 98501

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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