2018-05-01  America - Canada

The Canadian Conference – Embracing our Diversity

From: 2018-05-01 To: 2018-05-08
Open To: Members Only!

Location: Fern Resort, Orillia, Ontario, Canada www.fernresort.com, Canada, America

Canadian Conference 2018

Embracing our Diversity

May 1-8, 2018

There are many reasons people decide to attend TRA conferences:

  • to see treasured friends,
  • to be a part of an eclectic community,
  •  to provide leadership
  • to absorb shared Reiki energy

There are many reasons individuals decide not to attend:

  • Finances
  • The community argues
  • Travel is scary
  • Joined only for professional credibility

The conference team may be prejudiced but we think there are some fabulous reasons for you to consider coming to Fern Resort www.fernresort.com

  • Explore our theme of Embracing our Diversity  and how you can live it
  • Fern’s classic butter tart drizzled with chocolate sauce.
  • Phyllis, Paul, Rick and Marta are all planning to attend.
  • By law discussions about potential changes promise to be rich
  • A full day of training

We anticipate registration to be open by the end of November to first part of December.

    Donna Harris                         Carol Wells                             Carol von Kaenel

Our gratitude to photographer, Elina van der Heijden, and other members who shared their pictures with us. https://photos.app.goo.gl/47aTnwvYZny6Q8a58

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