2017-04-30  Europe - Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Conference – Be the change that you wish to see in the world

From: 2017-04-30 To: 2017-05-07
Open To: Members Only!

Location: Bulgaria, Europe

The Bulgarian Team – Jaquellin and Veselin Komitovi, Petia Nedjalkova, myself and some of my students – is very happy to welcome all of you to the 2017 TRA Conference.

1. The place – RIU Pravets Resort is situated about 50 km. from the capital Sofia (about a 40 min. drive), near the small town of Pravets. Transportation from the airport will be arranged once you have registered and we know your flight information. The hotel is also situated near to an 18 hole golf course.

2. Spouse and Guests – We are planning a special parallel program for your spouses and anyone else who may be travelling with you (students, children, friends). Their program will include opportunities for wine tasting at a vineyard, golf lessons with a small private tournament, or golf games for those who already play; excursions to a cultural place, a historical place, or a religious place. There will be times to explore Sofia and a possibility for walking in beautiful places of nature. Everyone will be able to make several choices at the time of registration.

3. Conference – This year we propose a slightly different format so we can have more opportunities to work in smaller groups, discussing all the issues which everyone will be able to write down on a master list. We consider it important to have broad discussions, in groups on the Mission statement. A volunteer recorder from each group will share with the larger circle so the community is able to discuss further if needed. This year there will be no formal facilitation because of the different format.

The Board will select a person(s) to facilitate the AGM including elections.

There will be a Student’s day- for sure!

Open mike sessions hopefully will happen with the right timing chosen by the members and the way we “move.”

We’re grateful for those of you who will attend and participate in the group format/sessions to listen and share experiences, thoughts, visions with some of the Takata masters

We propose that time for distant Reiki to themes can be chosen by consensus in the Circle.

4. Free Time – We want to offer you a slightly different experience.

A constant Market Place will be available after all afternoon sessions. Volunteers will support the vendors.

Interest Group Evenings – Some possibilities are: Learning Bulgarian dances (the easier ones), music from our members (Please let us know if you are bringing an instrument), Bulgarian crafts – wood, lace, earth.

The excursion day will be a choice of opportunities to: Visit: “Etara” an active old Bulgarian village, Explore Sofia’s culture with free time or Visit an ancient monastery.

The conference team is happy if you choose to be part of this conference. Its success depends on the heart and mind of each of you. We’re also willing to hear in advance your ideas and topics for discussion.

Kalinka Staikova

Front: Jaquellin, Veselin, Kalinka. Back: Petia

Our gratitude to Carol von Kaenel and Donna Harris, photographers at Riu Pravats and other members who shared their pictures with us, Elina van der Heijden, Klaus Zimmer, Michael Libin.

Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/5215bZpzSryRExWN8

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