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I learnt Reiki in 2001. I still believe that Reiki is one of the best things that I have ever learnt. I am a mother with two children. Like a lot of other mothers, I used to feel quite low, tired and stressed when they were little. I learnt Reiki when my younger child was about two. With Reiki I started to feel a whole lot better, healthier, calmer, more relaxed, with higher energy levels. Over the years, I gave Reiki to my children as often as I could, especially when they were unwell, or they hurt themselves, or when they were feeling tired and it always helped. Once when my younger one had fallen over and banged his head, I could see a lump forming. I gave him Reiki right away and the lump almost disappeared. Reiki has been amazingly helpful when dealing with illness, falls, bumps & bruises. It also helped me to stay calm when my children were hurt or unwell - all I needed to do was to put my hands on my child to soothe his/her pain. My experience of Reiki inspired me to share the benefits of this wonderful practice with other mothers. I often wish that I had learnt Reiki before I had my children. My two pregnancies would have been much easier. I had nausea throughout most of both pregnancies, a lot of anxiety, two ventouse deliveries, extreme discomfort with stitches afterwards. I used to wish that someone had told me earlier about how beneficial Reiki can be for mothers and babies. I hope that I am able to do this for other mothers through sharing my experience. Over the years Reiki has become a way of life. I trained to be a Reiki teacher in 2008 and I love being able to help people learn Reiki and benefit from it like I have since 2001. It is especially rewarding to hear from my students who are mothers about the positive difference Reiki can make to their lives. You can visit my blog to find out more about my recent Reiki journey, and what is flowing through my life. Reiki class dates are also updated on my website regularly

Telephone:+44 (207) 6071543
Mobile:+44 (7782) 161477

Skype: nandamamta

Native Language: Hindi
Gender: Female

Language Preferred: English

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