2020-02-15  America - United States of America

Reiki Certification- Workshop 2

From: 2020-02-15 To: 2020-02-16
Open To: General Public  Language: English
Created By: Sarah Chapman

Location: Westport , Connecticut, United States of America, America

2 Days workshop from 9.30 to 5:30pm


After Reiki 2, you will be able to do everything a Reiki Master does in a private session. You will be able to pass 80% more energy, learn how to help people cross difficult time, help people with depression, addiction…

You will be able to work on your own mind to help you tab on your best outcome and to keep the best images in your mind.

You will learn also how to do distance treatment on people, animal, land and more...opening a new door to the world and becoming aware on how you can help on a larger scale.


Joy Reiki Institute, Westport

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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