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Reiki I and II classes in Bloomington IN

Da: 2018-09-06 A: 2018-09-09
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Creato da: Shantika Sophia Bernard

Luogo: Bloomington Indiana, Indiana, Stati Uniti d'America, America

Please  join us  for  

two classes in Bloomington IN  this fall !

Master candidate Becky Holtzman has invited  her teacher Shantika Bernard PhD

to Bloomington to teach another set of classes .


Shantika has been a ReikiMaster for 30 years and  has been teaching Reiki, and  integrative  health and wellness classes  all over the world. She is a Somatic Psychologist and Trauma  Therapist as well as  in training to be  an internationally certified Yoga Therapist.

This class will be held in a trauma sensitive  format, and  any questions and sharing will be  held  confidential  at all times.


for details please contact Becky Holtzman at :

orangeflowerhealing@gmail.com or 812-327-1330

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